The Sugar River Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever has been working to increase wild pheasant populations in South Central Wisconsin for over 25 years.  Our 28th Annual Banquet  is scheduled for November 14th at the Argyle Rod and Gun Club.  We have monthly chapter meetings at the ARGC the third Monday of the month, at 7pm.  

The chapter has provided over $300,000 worth of local habitat and education work.  We have been involved with establishing over 3,000 acres of Prairie Grasses, 35,000 trees and over 1000 Food Plots over the years.  Besides our yearly Banquet, we have our yearly Appreciation Banquet for Sponsors, Committee Members and participating landowners.  This year we will have our 17th annual youth hunt, our 13th Sporting Clays Shoot, and 10th annual Memorial Golf outing supporting our Youth Education Program.

The SRVPF was one of Wisconsin’s first Pheasants Forever chapters and originally served SW Wisconsin.  Most of our work is now centered in Green and Lafayette counties.

The Chapter has also been very active in local youth conservation education and also has been deeply involved in the Leopold Education Project which is a large part of Pheasants Forever Youth Program.  14 local educators weer  trained as LEP facilitators,  and at least a half dozen  educators have attended the Advanced National LEP Meeting.

Over a dozen chapter members have also been involved in putting on at least a half dozen major youth events including several local scouting camporees.  We have held more than a dozen youth hunts that gave hundreds of kids a chance to bag their first bird.

10 chapter members have obtained advanced training in doing prescribed burns and have burned about 1000 acres in the last few years.  This is a major fund raiser for the chapter along with our Annual Banquet, Appreciation Banquet, Sporting Clays Shoot, and Golf Outing.

The DNR rewarded the chapter for its extensive habitat work by stocking almost 2000 F1 generation birds from Wild Captured Pheasants from Iowa in the North Monroe, & West Monroe Release Areas.   A similar release was made in Union township in the late 80’s and 90’s, when we made the top ten chapters in the nation that year for habitat work.

Generally PF doesn’t emphasize put and take Pheasant stocking.  We believe in the Field of Dreams  approach, “If you build it they will come”.  We believe in educating the public especially the younger generation and by helping private landowners develope superior wildlife habitat

Contact Dave Wisnefske by e-mail savanasp@tds.net or phone at 558-2075

Please contact us at savanasp@tds.net or call 608-558-2075